The Starriest Summer Teaser – The Cyborg and Her Wolf

The fourth audio promo of The Starriest Summer, with Elissa Park as Dreana and River Kanoff as Wolf!

For this set of auditions, Dreana and Wolf were the two newbies that needed voices.  Both of them were pretty difficult to cast.

Dreana was the only character for whom I had to hold callbacks, because the voices I heard were so good and it was difficult to determine who brought the best to the character!  Each actress gave different nuances, and I had to ask for help to narrow down the one voice.  Huzzah!  In the end, I cast Elissa (also known as Adoxographist).  A lot of the other voices I was considering sounded a bit too young, and though Dreana can be girlish and immature, I needed a more mature, cool, bossy voice to offset Michelle.  I think she did a great job and I can’t wait to do more with her :3

Wolf–despite having the least lines of all the characters open for auditions–got the most auditions.  Again, it was difficult narrowing him down, but with some help from my buddies, I avoided holding callbacks.  (Also, maybe I really wanted an excuse to work with River.)  Though Wolf can be super childish, I liked the texture in River’s voice.  I wanted Wolf to have an Australian accent because he grew up in Tyrique, and I imagined them having a harsher accent because of how secluded they are from the rest of civilization.

I chose this scene because 1) I wanted to bring life to Dre and Wolf :P, and 2) I needed a scene that showed that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows to Michelle.  The people Michelle meets when she first comes to Starrs are super friendly and, for the most part, welcoming.  I wanted to show the view of the other side of the world, away from the privileged Arriscyleans and all their desserts, tea, and frilly dresses.

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The Starriest Summer Teaser – Claren Tea

The third audio promo of The Starriest Summer, with John Archer as Gediyon, and music by Jacob Cadmus!

John had auditioned for Gediyon way back when I was doing the audiobook stuff.  Like I said in the previous post, casting Gediyon was difficult, but I’m happy that in the end that I cast John, because he’s greeeaaat.  Like always, directing him was a blast, but I’m pretty sure my cat kept interrupting us during our recording session and I kept turning around to bark at her.  Also, there were plenty of laughs when I told him to snore, and he joked, “The handsomest of snores!”

Jacob came along when I was searching for someone to compose “The Song of the Sea Angel,” which I unfortunately still don’t have any luck with.  I had asked Jacob to compose something to reflect Michelle and Gediyon’s relationship, and I love how it came together in the end of this scene with Gediyon’s storytelling.  In fact, I loved it so much that I started fangirling over the sound of it when I was mixing ^^’

I chose this scene because claren tea is Gediyon’s signature drink.  It’s the first time Michelle is introduced to it, and the scene helps establish Michelle’s relationship with him.  They’re incredibly warm and caring, but then there are the small nuances that make them interesting.  Does she have a crush on him?  Does he see him as a brotherly figure?  Is he comfortable enough with her that he can treat her like an equal despite her rank?

Anyway, this scene fills me with happy fuzzies, so I hope you guys like it too 🙂

Check out some of their stuff in the video description, and don’t forget to pick up your signed copy of The Starriest Summer!

The Starriest Summer Teaser – Goddess’s Power

The second audio promo of The Starriest Summer, with Patrick Seymour as Mayor Rayel and John Archer as Gediyon!

I had scouted Patrick for this part when I was doing the audiobook stuff back in the day.  I had heard him do a drunken middle-aged man voice, and I really liked it because it was different from a lot of the characters he usually voices.  He had auditioned for Gediyon, but ultimately I cast John in that role, but I still wanted to work with Patrick.  There were a few silly moments during our recording session, because there was a pesky little rooster on his end :3

Auditions for Gediyon were hard, because he’s my favorite character and I’m so particular with him.  I’m so happy how willing John was to help me bring this character to life, and I hope he continues to enjoy voicing this character as much as I loved writing him.  Of course, Gediyon doesn’t have a lot of lines in this scene.  I saved that for the next one 😉

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The Starriest Summer Teaser – The Machine

The first promotional short is now on YouTube!  You can also hear Caleb Hyles as Aaron.

It might be obvious why I chose this one as an excerpt.  It’s at the end of the first chapter and Michelle’s about to be tossed into her adventure.

I had contacted Caleb a while ago when, for fun, I was making an audiobook.  I had heard him in a few fandubs we had done back in the day, and for Aaron I wanted someone with a boy-next-door kind of voice.  Anyway, Caleb was an absolute joy to work with.  I had a fun time balancing hamminess in his acting, and actually chose the hammiest when Aaron was freaking out.

Check out some of his stuff in the video description, and don’t forget to pick up your signed copy of The Starriest Summer 😉

Discount Limited Edition Copies!

Discount, limited edition copies are now available in the store!

I was a total nerd when I made this video o_o I was looking around thought, “I need a hat,” and saw my Ace hat. I put on the rest of the costume, and after trying to record the whole thing in one take (which took like at least ten tries), I developed a southern accent, which I could also blame on binge-watching The Walking Dead.

Anyway, yeah 😀 Signed discount copies!