Reading, Q&A, and Signing

I’ll be at the Avid Reader in Davis, CA on January 24 at 2 PM for a reading, Q&A session, and book signing!  If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you!

Here’s a link to the Facebook event.

Also made an event on Goodreads 😉

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Giveaway! Signed Defective Paperback and Magnetic Character Bookmarks

I’m holding a Giveaway on my Facebook page! 😀 Sign up here!

I’ll be giving away a signed, special edition, defective paperback, and a set of magnetic character bookmarks.  US entrants only.  Check out the prizes here:

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Audio Promotional Shorts – Book Two

Auditions 02 Title

Auditions are now closed for Mr. Gum and Queen Trissa!  (I held exclusive auditions for Saechin Kan Se and King Oresonn; needless to say, the actors nailed it.)


I need voices for audio shorts that I’ll use to promote The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn. There are five shorts I will be producing, ranging from four to eight minutes long. Because I will be using these as promotional material, I will pay those who are cast.

The deadline is Monday, January 11, 2016 at 10:00 PM PST.

Looking forward to hearing all of your wonderful voices!

The Starriest Summer Blog Tour Giveaway

Head over to YA Bound Book Tours and check out the blogs promoting The Cycle of the Six Moons:  The Starriest Summer!  Each blog will have a sign-up for a Rafflecopter.  Enter to win:

  1. A $10 Amazon Gift Card!  Available internationally 😀


  2. Signed bookmarks featuring the cover art!  Yes, they’re actually signed.  US only.CSM01flat signed bookmarks


  3. Magnetic character bookmarks!  Featuring Gediyon, Michelle, Jayse, and Dreana.  (They have backsides, too 😉 Check ’em out in the Store tab.)  US only.

The blog tour lasts from today, December 14, until December 18.  Check it out!

The Starriest Summer Teaser – Bonfire Confessions

The fifth and final audio promo of The Starriest Summer, with Steven Kelly as Jayse, and Elissa Park as the little girl!

Jayse was surprisingly really easy to cast, once I heard Steven’s audition.  I was worried he’d be the toughest to cast, but as soon as I heard Steven’s audition, boom, I knew it had to be him.  It surprised me, too, because I’m used to hearing him voice more mature characters.  In fact, I had wanted to ask him to play King Oresonn.  But huzzah!  Things turn out funny, don’t they?

A note I wanted to make about his accent.  If you couldn’t tell from the way Gediyon speaks, Arriscyleans speak with English accents, because it’s Michelle’s understanding of their language that everyone speaks more regally, and as an American, she would find the English accent more regal.

Jayse, having grown up in Arriscyal, would have an English accent.  However, not wanting to be crown prince, he disguises it most of the time and puts on the more “common” American accent.  That’s why he comes in the scene with an American accent and slips into an English accent by the end.  It was a director’s choice, not Steven being weird with his delivery 😛

I think he did a fabulous job, don’t you? :3 Can’t wait to hear more from him.

As for casting Elissa as the little girl(s), well, I couldn’t really do them all myself 😛 She was the only other female I had cast for book one’s promos.  She was concerned that she couldn’t do little kid voices well, but I think she sounds cute 🙂

I chose this scene because it’s Michelle’s biggest breakdown of book one.  She’s been pretty happy, optimistic, and resilient for most of it, but talking about her home life and how useless and overshadowed she feels makes her lose it.  Totally not written from my own experience.  Totally.  *sarcasm*

Anyway, today is the unofficial release date! 😀 If you bought your e-books from Amazon or Smashwords, it should be on your devices today.

Check out some of their stuff in the video description, and don’t forget to pick up your signed copy of The Starriest Summer! ❤