Reading, Q&A, and Signing for An Eclipsing Autumn

I’ll be at the Avid Reader in Davis, CA on April 24 at 2 PM for a reading, Q&A session, and book signing!  If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you!

Here’s a link to the Facebook event.

Also made an event on Goodreads 😉

Flier Avid Reader 2


The Starriest Summer 99-cent eBook Sale

From March 20-26, The Starriest Summer eBook will be 99 cents!

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The Cycle Plays Out


The Cycle Plays Out

I feel like showing off some artwork for An Eclipsing Autumn, so here we go! 😀

This is from the chapter “The Cycle Plays Out.”  Michelle has made her hair longer for the performance, and Gediyon is wearing black because he’s working backstage.

Here’s the full, uncropped image:

The Cycle Plays Out-full

A closeup of Michelle and Jayse’s costumes:

The Cycle Plays Out - Michelle Jayse closeup

And the costume design sketch:

Ceremony of Crescent Starrs costumes

Pretty happy with how it turned out 🙂

Interview on A New Look on Books

Rae at A New Look on Books interviewed me on her blog!  Check out the interview here!  Read about my inspirations about my characters and such 😀

Do you have a favorite character that you are attached to in your trilogy?

“Gediyon :3 He is my absolute favorite.  I love the other characters, too, but I love how he contributes to the overall story.  He’s also super cool.  And a cutie pie.  And he can bake me a pie.”

An Eclipsing Autumn Trailer Reveal!

Well, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll see that I’ve already posted the trailers individually X’D


But anyway!  YA Bound Book Tours is hosting the trailer reveal for blogs!  Check out that page here!

I also have them on a handy page here!


Here they are all together:

Saei and Cyal, Reincarnated – Blog Post

The Wolf’s Den – Blog Post

Blood Trophy – Blog Post

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A Royal Plan – Blog Post

Or if you want to watch all the trailers in one handy-dandy playlist :3

Yay 🙂