Diagram of the Cycle of the Six Moons

My buddy Tadao–who likes to read what I call “boring books” and from them does “boring writing” (he studies Buddhism, and sure, what he’s told me does sound interesting, but it’s academic so, you know, non-fiction, myeehh, “boring writing”)–planted an idea in my head the other day that I should make a diagram of The Cycle of the Six Moons.

Et voilà!

(All the information below is presented in-story in An Eclipsing Autumn, but you don’t need to have read the second book to understand the information, and there aren’t any spoilers. It’s supplemental material.)

Diagram of the Cycle of the Six Moons

But if you’re more into boring diagrams, here’s a cut-and-dry table.

First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
Name The Dark Mist The Famine The Night Devourer The Conquer of Hatred Halting the Passage of Souls The Black Hole
World of Origin Vizon Florrish Dremes Harrt Tyme Starrs
Occurrence once a year every two years every ten years every two hundred years only when the sixth moon is inevitable ???
Duration three days three weeks one week sunrise one month ???
Effect harmless darkness that can’t seep indoors crops wither, fish become scarce, livestock fall ill anyone who falls asleep loses their motivation to live those in regions with a sun and moonrise on opposite horizons go berserk and kill everyone in their path souls cannot pass on to Tyme eventually, all souls will cease to exist

Guest Post – Why Video Game Music Is the Best Music to Listen to While Writing


Today is another stop for The Cycle of the Six Moons “Name Before the Masses” tour by Goddess Fish Promotions!  I’ve written a guest post over at Sharing Links and Wisdom.  If you can’t tell by the appropriately named title, it’s about why  video game music is the best music to listen to while writing.

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m a gamer.  I have been since elementary school.  One important element of video games that I found helped immerse me into a fantasy world was its music.  It’s designed to set the tone, help you concentrate on the task at hand, exemplifies the written dialogue of the characters you encounter, or even makes your heart race during boss battles.

Since I was about ten years old, I’ve used video game music to help set the scene.  Unlike pop songs or ballads, there are no lyrics to distract you, listener and fellow writer, from the words that you want to write.  Here are examples of the kind of music I listen to and the scenes they fit.

Setting up the hometown of your hero before adventure calls him forth?  Try the Outside Island theme from Wind Waker!

Feel the joy and innocence of everyday life?  Feel the peaceful breeze of the ocean?

Check out the full post here!

Guest Post – Storytelling and Food


Today begins the first stop of The Cycle of the Six Moons “Name Before the Masses” tour by Goddess Fish Promotions!  I’ve written a guest post over at Long and Short Reviews YA.  If you can’t tell by the appropriately named title, it’s about the importance of food in storytelling.

I even made a nifty pie chart about the usage of the five senses!


Senses Pie Chart color
Data from The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology

Be sure to check out the rest of the post here!

There’s also a giveaway for a gift card, so…yeah, if that’s any extra incentive…


Indie Author Interview Series


I’m going to start an indie author interview series, in which I’ll interview fellow authors about our approach to self-publication!  Check out the questions here, and if you’d like to share your own approach, sign up here!

The purpose of these interviews is to connect with other authors, inform upcoming authors, connect with readers, and have fun!

Normally, I’d do this in a chat-style with other authors, so it feels more personal and less like a cookie-cutter questionnaire, but I’d like to start this off by answering the questions myself.

So let’s get started!

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