Indie Author Interview – Tracy Lawson

Today's Indie Author Interview is with Tracy Lawson, author of the YA dystopian series, Resistance, including the books Counteract, Resist, and Ignite! Why have you decided to self-publish?  Would you pursue traditional publication? When it was time to decide about my publishing options, I was determined to land a traditional publishing contract. In my naivete, … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – Tracy Lawson


The Song of the Sea Angel

My friend Jeremiah George composed The Song of the Sea Angel for me 😀 Check out more of his stuff on his YouTube Channel: And follow him on Twitter! The Song of the Sea Angel was something I'd wanted composed for years.  Unfortunately, past collaborations with my musical friends fell through, and it wasn't … Continue reading The Song of the Sea Angel

Why I Don’t Live Off the Tears of My Readers

Emily Hayse

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You see it everywhere in the writing community. It’s on t-shirts, mugs, and prints, in tweets and bios, etc. People say they love destroying feels, they drink the tears of their readers, they live for making their readers cry, and many other forms of the same idea.

I don’t think it is said in a way that is meant to be malicious or uncaring. But I think it is possible that it is said without giving thought to the future implications for both reader and author.

I want to take my job seriously

I love writing, and if I am a professional author I need to be considerate of my audience, who enables me to do what I love. Do some people like having their feels destroyed? Yes. Double yes. It’s not always bad. But the thing that separates a good writer from a manipulative writer is how they do…

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Indie Author Interview – Johnathan Johnson

Today's Indie Author Interview is with Johnathan Johnson, author of mystery/fantasy novel, Mesto Accelerando! Why have you decided to self-publish? Nothing against publishers; I never even gave them a chance. I just saw the nature of my stories and knew that they’d never be accepted into the industry traditionally. So I began with seeking workarounds, with … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – Johnathan Johnson

Indie Author Interview – Patrick Hodges

Today's Indie Author Interview is with Patrick Hodges, author of the contemporary YA James Madison series, including books Joshua's Island, Ethan's Secret, and Sophie's Different. Adelle Yeung:  Tell us about the James Madison series, and why you decided to self-publish it. Patrick Hodges:  It is a three-book series that takes place at a middle-school in … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – Patrick Hodges