Revisiting Elementary Teachers!

I stated several times in some interviews that the first story I wrote for fun was in second grade.  It was called “The Haunted Mansion” and, with permission, I included some of my classmates in the story.  (I even left one of them in an iron maiden…)  When I was done with the story, I read it aloud to the class.


Anyway, on Friday, I wrapped a very nice package (IT HAS REALLY COOL WRAPPING PAPER, OKAY) and left it at the school where my second grade teacher now works.


She e-mailed me, and we met today 😀


Gosh, I love getting involved with the community :’)  Deciding to work for the school district was such a great choice.


The Starriest Summer in RPG Maker

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.  Back in 2014, I got RPG maker and decided to recreate the first chapter of The Starriest Summer, “The Machine,” as a game.  It’s really short, only takes a few minutes to complete, and some of the tile sets are glitchy.  As I made it back in 2014, it has some old artwork 😛

You can get the game here!  It’s free, of course.


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Guest Post – Don’t Let Romance Hijack the Plot


Head on over to A New Look on Books for a guest post that I wrote about romancing hijacking the plot!

Here’s an excerpt!

Suddenly, our strong heroine devolves into a blubbering mess. Mutant girl falls for her captor, the princess becomes infatuated with her enemy prince, the genius has the hots for a fellow hacker. She’ll do anything to be with Pretty Boy, even forget her main goal, because Pretty Boy becomes her main goal. She’ll even make out with him amidst gunfire on a battlefield.

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Interview on BooksChatter


As part of the Goddess Fish Name Before the Masses tour, I’ve done an interview with BooksChatter!

We got some fun questions this time around, like who would be on my dream team to make The Cycle of the Six Moons into a movie, what’s something quirky about the series, and DO I HAVE A FUR BABY, YES I DO, I HAVE TWO.



Can you tell us something quirky about The Cycle of the Six Moons Series, its story and characters?

“Well. It’s kinda silly, but I named the world in which Michelle falls “Starrs” because I had a bit of an obsession with celestial bodies. (I attribute such tastes to Sailor Moon.) Same with the Cycle of the Six Moons. It makes sense within the context of the story why the planet is called Starrs, why the Moons, but when you take a step back and look at it, it really stems from the preferences of a nerdy teenage girl.”

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