About Adelle Yeung


Adelle Yeung is a fantasy author, voice actor, and digital artist.

She can’t go a day without a cup of tea.  When she’s not writing or recording, she enjoys sewing costumes, baking sweets, and escaping on video game adventures.  She lives in California with a cat that dreams of eating the pet bird.


Early Life


Adelle spent much of her younger years daydreaming in class and coming up with crazy scenarios. She wrote her first story, The Haunted Mansion, when she was in second grade. She asked for permission to include her classmates and even had the gall to leave one of them in an iron maiden. When she had finished, she read the story aloud to her class and found that she rather enjoyed entertaining others through stories. (Her sadistic nature had also manifested.)

In fourth grade, she fell in love with the game Chrono Trigger, which to this day still inspires her writing. She loves the fantastical elements of magic, time travel, and journeying to mystical faraway lands, while friendships grow across an adventure. It was around this time that Adelle began writing epic fantasies. (Though, written by an eight year old, they were pretty silly.)

High School

Before high school, Adelle conceptualized The Cycle of the Six Moons during a road trip to Disneyland. Back then, the story only consisted of rescuing a prince from a fortress in the sea, and Michelle’s experiences were to be a video game from beginning to end.


The story had evolved dramatically throughout high school, where fellow writing friends exposed her to various material that helped enhance the story.

Toward the end of high school, Adelle discovered she enjoyed reading her characters aloud.  She had always had an interest in acting, but was too shy growing up to have much of a stage presence.  So, she developed her voice and began to voice act.

In her junior year of high school, Adelle began to learn how to sew and started with her Halloween costume. She then went on to design costumes for the high school play, Cinderella Wore Combat Boots. She has honed this skill to the present where she continues to sew everyday items.

Adelle was a 2017 Pitch Wars Mentee.


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