The Cycle of the Six Moons: An Eclipsing Autumn


The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn
Book Two
Release Date: March 25, 2016
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Deciding last minute to stay in Starrs, Michelle continues her epic adventure as Goddess. After all, learning how to save the world sure beats a year of pre-calculus. With her friends by her side, Michelle travels to a city of scholars to learn the lore of the Cycle of the Six Moons.

At first, the exotic retreat turns romantic, as Michelle spends her free time exchanging sweet letters with the crown prince, Jayse. But, during her studies, Michelle learns something that drastically changes her game plan. Powerful blood must be spilled to end the Cycle…blood that only runs through her veins and the prince destined to fall in love with her.

During a celebration honoring their enlightenment, Michelle and Jayse are whisked off to a rogue city as trophies of a tournament, where only the strongest can claim a taste of their blood. Gallant as ever, their guardian, Gediyon, enters to prevent harm to his friends. Unfortunately for the contestants, the Cycle’s latest trial prevents everyone from waking from a cursed slumber…


Review by T.L. Mcdonald
5/5 stars
“New places are explored, friendships deepen, the mystery surrounding Gediyon thickens, and a huge twist or two at the end will definitely have you begging for the next book in the series.”

Review by Angela Guido
5/5 stars
“The story is darker, more heartbreaking and all together more exciting.”

Review by Matina’s Bookcase
4/5 stars
“Second books often fall into a trap of being a little boring, but this book doesn’t. It’s got a swift pace and the important information is relayed in an interesting way. And the ending. Oh my goodness the ending! Let’s just say I’m going a little crazy not knowing what happens next, because I have got to know what happens next!”

Review by Reading to Distraction
4/5 stars
“I loved hearing more about Gediyon’s story, but I am quite nervous to hear how that fits into the bigger picture.  There were a lot of reveals at the end of the book so there is much to come!”

Review by A New Look on Books
“Book two fulfilled my hopes of improvement from book one. The characters were richer. The story plot was intense. The history left me intrigued and I may even try to play a video game after all.”

Review by Booknista
B grade
“The hints of flirtation from the first book blossom into romance as Michelle grows and learns…not that our Goddess ever has a free moment to spend with her beau!  Phew, I need a moment to catch my breath after this one.”

 Review by Linda McCarty
“Warning for anyone buying and reading Cycle of the Six Moons. These books are seriously addictive. If you have an assignment from work, babies to care for, taxes to complete, a house to clean, a dog to walk, your own book to write, forget it. You get into [the] books, and you’re not going to want to put them down.”

Review by Kalyn McCabe
“Leaps and bounds better than the first.”

Review by Whatever You Can Still Betray
4 apples
“Wow! It sure escalated fast. While the action and adventure of the story took me through twists and turns, it was the characters themselves that took me by surprise. Everything what I think I knew about the characters changed.”

Review by Books Are Love
5 stars
“This book is full of adventure, danger and shockers…A great middle book that has you reeling at the end.”