Save the Prince! Artwork Progression

This is something I like to do with my “bigger” art pieces 😀 A progression of images showing how I created a piece!

This particular one is from The Cycle of the Six Moons:  The Starriest Summer, Chapter Nine:  Save the Prince!  I actually wanted to do a part of this scene for one of the audio progression shorts, but a friend advised me against it because it was considerably violent for a preview.


Here’s the first one.  Painted some purple-blue colors, added a few layers, and made a door (which suspiciously looks like a Kingdom Hearts door?).  My sister drunkenly commented that it looked like they were having an orgy in a cave.  And that the person on the areola island was a virgin sacrifice.  (Though, it kinda does look like a boob…)


Here’s the next piece!  Scribbled in the Taesmals in dark purple robes, made a bunch more balcony-things, sketched Michelle, Gediyon, Launce, and Nichols properly with altered positions (taking into consideration my sister’s drunken comments about it looking like an orgy), and started with some lighting effects!


I figured the background was too far, so I made it bigger 😛


Added steps and stands to the torches 😀


Base color for the characters!  You’ll notice that I took off the Arriscylean cloaks from Launce and Nichols. I felt that them breaking into a Taesmal stronghold while wearing their enemy’s clothing would make them far too conspicuous.  I mention that Gediyon leaves his on the beach, and while the boys do have them, they’d probably have left it on the ship when it got too hot.

It also makes them look more like separate individuals.  Launce is a bit more adventurous, so I made him dress like Link 😉 and Nichols is more artsy, so I gave him more refined clothing.  Nichols also kinda looks like a younger Gediyon, which I did on purpose…because reasons.




Water swirlies!  I like how the colors turned out, especially with the reflection of the torches.


Painted the left rock!  Fun fact, I was playing the special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island, and I really liked the art style.  I used it as a reference when I painted the rock.


Background cracks 🙂


More detail on the walls.


Torch glow and floor lighting.


Magic light swirlies!  Also added reflection of the crack in the water.


The beginning of barnacles.  (I was actually watching Cry play Soma, which inspired the wall coverings.)

Anyone have trypophobia…?


…Because now the barnacles have holes!  And shadows.  Man those took a long time…


Here’s some algae!


Add a little seaweed and a few shells…

A few more lighting effects, a sprinkle of more detail over the Taesmal crowd, et voila, nous avons finis!


This is one of the most exciting parts of The Starriest Summer.  Hope you guys enjoy it when you read it 🙂

Also if you prefer to flip through images, here’s an album on Facebook!

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