The Starriest Summer in RPG Maker

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.  Back in 2014, I got RPG maker and decided to recreate the first chapter of The Starriest Summer, “The Machine,” as a game.  It’s really short, only takes a few minutes to complete, and some of the tile sets are glitchy.  As I made it back in 2014, it has some old artwork 😛

You can get the game here!  It’s free, of course.


Press Space to advance, X to access the menu and backtrack.  You can talk to the mirror in Michelle’s room to save, or access save from the menu.

I recommend checking everything out so you can read Michelle’s fun commentary on her household and family 😛 But here’s a quick walkthrough:

  1. Check the nightstand to the left of the old people’s bed
  2. Check the bottom most book in Aaron’s room on the floor
  3. Check Dad’s seat in the living room
  4. Check the basket on the kitchen counter twice
  5. Attempt to leave through the front door (first floor, top left door)
  6. Check the garage door twice (first floor, bottom left door)
  7. Attempt to leave through the front door again
  8. Talk to Aaron
  9. Follow Aaron into the garage
  10. Talk to Aaron twice
  11. Check the chair below the three mirrors in the garage


  • Find Tylenol on the bathroom counter, below the toilet (heals HP)
  • Find Spearmint Gum in Aaron’s room under the leftmost pile of clothes.  Check three times (cures poison, heals some HP)
  • Find Red Stud Earrings (accessory) in the Old People’s Room jewelry box. Equip via the menu
  • Find a Tree Branch (weapon) in the tallest drawers of the Old People’s Room
  • Find Spearmint Gum in the bottom most tree in the backyard
  • Taking out the trash like a responsible child will earn you a level up 😉


  • There’s a spider in the old people’s toilet!  It may bite you!


  • There are hornets outside!  They may sting you!
  • Don’t piss off Aaron!


It’s pretty dumb and silly, but I had a lot of fun making it 😀 Here are some more screen caps!






Also here’s some pixel artwork I did a while back.  Chrono Trigger! ❤ Michelle and Gediyon encounter a Gate Key!

Sprites-Michelle and Gediyon encounter a gate key

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