The Starriest Summer Teaser – The Machine

The first promotional short is now on YouTube!  You can also hear Caleb Hyles as Aaron.

It might be obvious why I chose this one as an excerpt.  It’s at the end of the first chapter and Michelle’s about to be tossed into her adventure.

I had contacted Caleb a while ago when, for fun, I was making an audiobook.  I had heard him in a few fandubs we had done back in the day, and for Aaron I wanted someone with a boy-next-door kind of voice.  Anyway, Caleb was an absolute joy to work with.  I had a fun time balancing hamminess in his acting, and actually chose the hammiest when Aaron was freaking out.

Check out some of his stuff in the video description, and don’t forget to pick up your signed copy of The Starriest Summer 😉


Audio Promo Shorts All Done!

A month and a week later, and I’m done with all of the promotional shorts!  I can’t wait for people to hear them.  I love how they turned out 😀

The audition process was fun, but it was the casting process that became a bit of a challenge.  One character was the easiest to cast–I knew right when I heard the audition that that was the voice I wanted.  For another character, it came down to two voices, and so I sought help from my fellow voice acting friends to help me narrow it down between the two.  The last character was the hardest, and I ended up holding callbacks for the character.

Surprisingly, I managed to schedule everyone’s directing sessions quickly–I guess that’s what I get when I’m working with professionals 😀  I had a blast directing everyone.

I had fun putting everyone’s voices together.  It’s always most challenging to find music that fits the scene.  I hope all the pieces I’ve found do their job at enhancing the scene without being too distracting.

All of the shorts will go on YouTube eventually, so I’ve made artwork to go along with them.  I’ve already done the first two before, but I wanted to redraw them to fit the style of the rest.  Here’s a sneak preview of them 🙂AllPromo