Indie Author Interview – Shakyra Dunn

Today I'll be interviewing Shakyra Dunn, author of the debut fantasy coming-of-age novel, The One Left Behind: Magic! Adelle Yeung:  Tell us about The One Left Behind. What is it about this story that made you want to self-publish it? Shakyra Dunn:  The One Left Behind is actually a rewrite of a series that I … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – Shakyra Dunn

Indie Author Interview – T.L. McDonald

Today's Indie Author Interview is with T.L. McDonald, author of the YA urban fantasy series, Marked! Why have you decided to self-publish? Originally I wanted to go the traditional route, but after doing a lot of online reading about self-publishing I decided to go with that. With self-publishing you have full control over every aspect of … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – T.L. McDonald

The Starriest Summer Review in The Armijo Signal

I contacted one of my old high school English teachers about interviewing me for the high school paper, et voilà! In case, for some reason, you can't read the above: Book review Armijo grad brings summer early By Sophia Santos Editor-in-Chief If you’ve ever wanted to be impressed by how unlimited the future is in … Continue reading The Starriest Summer Review in The Armijo Signal