The Starriest Summer Teaser – Claren Tea

The third audio promo of The Starriest Summer, with John Archer as Gediyon, and music by Jacob Cadmus!

John had auditioned for Gediyon way back when I was doing the audiobook stuff.  Like I said in the previous post, casting Gediyon was difficult, but I’m happy that in the end that I cast John, because he’s greeeaaat.  Like always, directing him was a blast, but I’m pretty sure my cat kept interrupting us during our recording session and I kept turning around to bark at her.  Also, there were plenty of laughs when I told him to snore, and he joked, “The handsomest of snores!”

Jacob came along when I was searching for someone to compose “The Song of the Sea Angel,” which I unfortunately still don’t have any luck with.  I had asked Jacob to compose something to reflect Michelle and Gediyon’s relationship, and I love how it came together in the end of this scene with Gediyon’s storytelling.  In fact, I loved it so much that I started fangirling over the sound of it when I was mixing ^^’

I chose this scene because claren tea is Gediyon’s signature drink.  It’s the first time Michelle is introduced to it, and the scene helps establish Michelle’s relationship with him.  They’re incredibly warm and caring, but then there are the small nuances that make them interesting.  Does she have a crush on him?  Does he see him as a brotherly figure?  Is he comfortable enough with her that he can treat her like an equal despite her rank?

Anyway, this scene fills me with happy fuzzies, so I hope you guys like it too 🙂

Check out some of their stuff in the video description, and don’t forget to pick up your signed copy of The Starriest Summer!


The Starriest Summer Cover Reveal!

CSM01Silhouette-smallDa da da daaa!!

Here is the super fabulous cover for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  The Starriest Summer!  The artist is Brandon Lacey, one of the conceptual artists for Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe.  Check out more of Brandon’s work here!

So here’s a fun behind the scenes look at what went into making the cover.  I contacted Brandon, good ol’ pal that he is, because I wanted a vector, silhouette-style cover that I knew he could do better than I could.  We talked about what I wanted to get out of it, and I sent him a PDF with all of the reference material.

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Audio Promo Shorts All Done!

A month and a week later, and I’m done with all of the promotional shorts!  I can’t wait for people to hear them.  I love how they turned out 😀

The audition process was fun, but it was the casting process that became a bit of a challenge.  One character was the easiest to cast–I knew right when I heard the audition that that was the voice I wanted.  For another character, it came down to two voices, and so I sought help from my fellow voice acting friends to help me narrow it down between the two.  The last character was the hardest, and I ended up holding callbacks for the character.

Surprisingly, I managed to schedule everyone’s directing sessions quickly–I guess that’s what I get when I’m working with professionals 😀  I had a blast directing everyone.

I had fun putting everyone’s voices together.  It’s always most challenging to find music that fits the scene.  I hope all the pieces I’ve found do their job at enhancing the scene without being too distracting.

All of the shorts will go on YouTube eventually, so I’ve made artwork to go along with them.  I’ve already done the first two before, but I wanted to redraw them to fit the style of the rest.  Here’s a sneak preview of them 🙂AllPromo