Seeking Beta Readers – The House with Two Faces

The House with Two Faces is nearing its final edits before I send it off to agents, BUT I'd like some feedback and more polish 😉 So hello beta readers! I've narrated and uploaded videos of me narrating the first three chapters, which I hope is enough to entice readers and literary agents into reading … Continue reading Seeking Beta Readers – The House with Two Faces

Voting for Mockup Covers

Throughout February, I created mockup covers for my next book, The House with Two Faces (which I guess I should abbreviate to HTF, like I did with CSM).  For the first few days, I kept adding and changing things, then added and changed more covers. Here's what the first poll looked like: 1, 3, and … Continue reading Voting for Mockup Covers

Indie Author Interview – T.L. McDonald

Today's Indie Author Interview is with T.L. McDonald, author of the YA urban fantasy series, Marked! Why have you decided to self-publish? Originally I wanted to go the traditional route, but after doing a lot of online reading about self-publishing I decided to go with that. With self-publishing you have full control over every aspect of … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – T.L. McDonald