Guerilla Marketing, Book Style

I had author business cards printed.

The Last Winter Moon‘s cover art deliberately blacked out.  I need to keep a secret!*

And then I devised a plan.

I had glued to the backs of these cards a QR code and a URL that leads to a book trailer The Cycle of the Six Moons, which is…secret.*

*Anyone who has access to these cards will clearly see The Last Winter Moon‘s cover art displayed, and can choose to watch the book trailer, which is currently unlisted.

I enlisted the help of two friends of mine, Angela and Lady.  We met up in the Barnes and Noble Café, and I briefed them about our secret** mission.

**It’s not so secret to my friends and anyone reading my blog.  What we tried to do was be covert sneaking these into books 😉 I didn’t wanna get thrown out for self-marketing.

(Also *cough* maybe I used to*cough*workthere*cough*)

We meandered through the store, crossing over the Humor section which had a coloring book, on which a Superman-costumed Donald Trump graced the cover, as well as this beauty:

#HotDudesReading #YesPlease

Eventually, we made our way over to the Teens section, and avoiding practically all romance and contemporary, slipped a card just before the first chapter of each book.

And I documented it, first photographing the card in its resting place, and then the book cover.

(Lady noticed that “blood” often appeared in summaries. #Guilty.)

These are twenty-nine books out of the fifty-four that we had carded.

With any luck, views will trickle in, and I’ll write a Part Two to this blog post with results.

Confession:  I’ve only read two of the pictured books.  Who has read what I’ve photographed, and what do you think of them? 😀

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