Mapping a Fantasy World

My next big fantasy, "Blood Princess" (working title) will require a full world map 😉 So, decided to make one from scratch. Now, I'm no geologist, but I know just a taaad about continental drift. I started with an oval of the world, drew some fault lines, and then had some land mass bleed out … Continue reading Mapping a Fantasy World


Voting for Mockup Covers

Throughout February, I created mockup covers for my next book, The House with Two Faces (which I guess I should abbreviate to HTF, like I did with CSM).  For the first few days, I kept adding and changing things, then added and changed more covers. Here's what the first poll looked like: 1, 3, and … Continue reading Voting for Mockup Covers

Why “You’re Beautiful” Almost Didn’t Make it into The Last Winter Moon

In The Last Winter Moon, Jayse pulls Michelle -- disgruntled from injustice -- onto the back of a korelian cat, and they race up the steps of the Arriscylean palace.  He pulls her off and tells her, "You're beautiful when you're scared."  She laughs, and Jayse says, "You're even more beautiful when you smile." This almost didn't … Continue reading Why “You’re Beautiful” Almost Didn’t Make it into The Last Winter Moon

Blog Tour Kick-Off! The Last Winter Moon

Today begins the blog tour for The Cycle of the Six Moons: The Last Winter Moon! Hosted by YA Bound Book Tours. As such, THE STARRIEST SUMMER AND AN ECLIPSING AUTUMN ARE ON SALE FOR 99 CENTS! You can grab the book from these links: Kindle: Nook: iBooks: Kobo: Smashwords: … Continue reading Blog Tour Kick-Off! The Last Winter Moon