Blog Post! A Page from Gediyon’s Journal

For a stop at SolaFide PublishingSolaFide Publishing for The Last Winter Moon blog tour, I did a promo post “a page from a character’s journal.”


I made a graphic of what I think Gediyon’s handwriting should look like and made the above photo!

Here’s a text version:

A Page from Gediyon’s Journal
From the end of An Eclipsing Autumn and the beginning of The Last Winter Moon

18 Erodise 862

Michelle has saved everyone from the Fourth Moon!  I’m so grateful for all of the knowledge everyone has gathered on the Cycle that we can finally prevent its devastation.  We’ve already received notice from the evacuees that they’ve taken refuge within cities that are in the clear.  I know Michelle is relieved that she can rest easy.  I hope she knows how proud we are of her.

To celebrate, we all gathered this evening for a little dinner party.  I made the stuffed squash Mother used to make every autumn, and I went easy on the pepper this time.  Dre took a bite and assured me it was delectable, though she seemed more keen on resting her head on my shoulder than eating.

She and I were in the middle of a wonderful conversation about the rights of the contestants in the Tyrique Tournament, when King Oresonn asked me to accompany him on his interrogation early tomorrow.  Off to bed, I go!

Still not sure if I want to try another cup of tea yet.

10 Arrise 862

I’m in the mountains.  I don’t know how I got here.  The people here speak another language.  I think they were trying to tell me that I was wandering in the snow by myself.

Their calendar says the tenth of Arrise.  How is it that three weeks have already passed?

The last thing I remember

the king

I need to find

she lived there


As you can see, this was written right at the end of An Eclipsing Autumn, and sometime before Michelle and friends find him in The Last Winter Moon.csm03-1

I won’t go into more details about it 😉 Read the book and find out what happens for yourself!

Signed copies of The Last Winter Moon are now available in the store!


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