Complete CSM paperback set!


The Cycle of the Six Moons complete trilogy set is now available for a discounted bundle in my store!  Only the complete set will be available at this price.


Teen Read Week

Photo by Jenn Roush, the district librarian.

Today, I visited Fairfield High School, read a passage from The Starriest Summer, and did a Q&A!  IT WAS GREAT!  The librarians and an ESL teacher told me how awesome it was to follow my dreams, write something that teenagers can relate to in words that teenagers might actually speak, and I encouraged some of the kids to PURSUE THEIR PASSION FOR WRITING!!!  Yes!  Oh god, it was great!  I love inspiring people!  EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!

Revisiting Elementary Teachers!

I stated several times in some interviews that the first story I wrote for fun was in second grade.  It was called “The Haunted Mansion” and, with permission, I included some of my classmates in the story.  (I even left one of them in an iron maiden…)  When I was done with the story, I read it aloud to the class.


Anyway, on Friday, I wrapped a very nice package (IT HAS REALLY COOL WRAPPING PAPER, OKAY) and left it at the school where my second grade teacher now works.


She e-mailed me, and we met today 😀


Gosh, I love getting involved with the community :’)  Deciding to work for the school district was such a great choice.

Frozen North Podcast

I jumped in and joined JJ, Marc, and Shana on the Frozen North gaming podcast 😀 They discuss their video game “book club,” Final Fantasy IX, what it means to “complete” a video game, and I jump in at 39:40 to discuss The Starriest Summer and its video game influences!

As you’ll hear in the podcast, Shana and I have known each other since sixth grade.  That’s before I even started to write The Cycle of the Six Moons, ahahaha.

Check out the podcast here!

Outline vs. Actual Book

I’m an outliner. I daydream up a story while I’m lying in bed, unable to sleep ’cause I can’t shut off my thoughts, and when I know that the thoughts in my head are definitely what I want to write, I write ’em down and make an outline. Then I get on to the actual story writing!

I thought it’d be a fun idea to go through my outline of The Starriest Summer and see what deviates from the actual book 😀 I only took screenshots of a few parts.

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