The Starriest Summer Reviews

The blog tour for The Starriest Summer, hosted by YA Bound Book Tours, has concluded!  Here’s a digest of the blog reviews the book has received 😀

Review by T.L. Mcdonald
5/5 stars
“Fantasy, adventure, a quest, and a world full of magic. What’s not to love.”

Review by 5 Girls Book Reviews
5/5 stars
“I loved this book! Ms. Goddess is my favorite character because she is funny, nice and very helpful. “

Review by Bibliobibuli YA
3/5 stars
“With an adorable cover that immediately grabbed my attention,
The Starriest Summer was book that provided a story full of a cuteness to match its cover.”

Review by mchull
5/5 stars
“People who love/loved video games and people who love adventure tales will not be disappointed. I read some every night and turned off the television for once to enjoy it.”

Review by Bell, Book, and Candle
4/5 bells
I really can’t express into worlds how ah-mazing this story is, and I cannot wait to read more!”

Review by Matina’s Bookcase
4/5 stars
“I cannot wait until I can get my hands on the next book to see how everything turns out. Fans of video game themed books, fantasy, fun romance, and wild adventures should pick up a copy of this book.”

Review by Reading to Distraction
4/5 stars
“This book was super fun!  It reminded me a bit of “The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss” in the sense of a well-structured book about video games without being stereotypical, overly nerdy or not doing fans justice.”

Review by A New Look on Books
“I was amused and frustrated at times but her character did grow up… just not as fast as I would’ve liked. However that made her more real. She wasn’t some pseudo Goddess that knew everything and acted perfectly.”

Review by Wonderful Monster
Una storia avvincente e curiosa, rivolta soprattutto ad un pubblico giovane e che ama le storie intrise di magia ma anche calate nella realtà tecnologica di oggi.”

Review by Cutting Muse
5/5 stars
“Video games, falling out of the sky, rescuing a prince, and magical adventure beyond your wildest imagination? What more could a girl ask for… This book has it ALL! Get ready to get lost in the pages of this epic adventure!”

Review by Booknista
B grade
“Wow…such a creative video game like unique world in this one! It’s a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Wreck it Ralph.”

Review by Books are Love
5/5 stars
“A wonderfully written imaginative book…you will not want to put down and continue to the end of the last of the book and the ones to follow in this wild, amazing, imaginative, entertaining and fun ride.”

Review by Readiculously Peachy
4/5 stars
“Kings and Queens, handsome princes and mentors, strange magicians and malicious creatures— this story has it all, and I’ll be anxiously waiting for the next installment to come out!”

Review by Freya
3/5 stars
“I enjoyed the book and definitely recommend it if you are a Young Adult and into video games and that kind of fantasy.”

Review by Areli
5/5 stars
“I love how the author made the characters connect to me. Like somehow they were really real. There are also two “swoon-worthy” guys.

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