The Song of the Sea Angel

My friend Jeremiah George composed The Song of the Sea Angel for me 😀

Check out more of his stuff on his YouTube Channel:

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The Song of the Sea Angel was something I’d wanted composed for years.  Unfortunately, past collaborations with my musical friends fell through, and it wasn’t until my friend Annie came up with several suggestions to help promote The Cycle of the Six Moons.  (Thanks Annie!)  One of them was to compose The Song of the Sea Angel.

Jerry was doing a bunch of Undertale covers at the time, so I nudged him like, “Hey, how much would it be to do a music box song?”

Along with some back story of the song, I gave him these descriptors:  “It’s supposed to sound mysterious, nostalgic, sad, longing…”

Here’s an excerpt from An Eclipsing Autumn when Dreana tells Gediyon about it:

“In ancient times, a young lady was chosen as the guardian of a faraway sea.  She was gifted with a beautiful voice, and sang for lost sailors.  Each song was a customized map that helped them avoid the perils of the ocean, so they could sail their way safely to their destinations.

“One day, she found a fisherman, but he didn’t have a destination.  He wanted to know everything that she’d experienced as the sea angel.  And so he returned, day after day, exchanging tales instead of requesting guidance.  He had to find her, because she was bound to the sea.  She promised to sing him a song so he could find her easier, but one night, tragedy struck.

“A storm claimed his life.  The angel waited for him, so she could deliver him the song, and as long as he committed it to memory, he would be able to find her again.  But he never sailed the sea again.  And so, she sang her song, hoping he would find her regardless.  Because he never found his way, she never stopped singing.  It was the last song she sang.

“They say if you travel to the northernmost sea, you can hear the melody, and the angel is still searching for her long lost love.”

In the world of Starrs, the music box melody is most common in the north, however, the lyrics and the story of the Sea Angel are less known.

Sea Angel

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