Local Writers Tell All

lFrom the YA Panel “Local Writers Tell All” at the Suisun City Library on January 21.

Meet local authors Adelle Yeung (The Cycle of Six Moons), Jess Flower (RedBird), and book blogger Jesalin Belk (Blogging Everything Beautiful) to talk about books, writing, and following your dream of becoming a writer. They will share their insights about how to write for young adults, and their experiences with self-publishing books and blogs.

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The Last Winter Moon Teaser – Blancande

The first audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  The Last Winter Moon!  With Kyle Land as Isel Mingon, Steven Kelly as Jayse, and Elissa Park as Dreana.


One of the first lighthearted moments in The Last Winter Moon.  Of course, it’s because Isel Mingon/Mr. Gum/Whatever-His-Name-Is makes a reappearance!

I picked out this scene specifically for Kyle to do.  It was a scene I wanted to do since I held auditions for the character.  The character has two distinct personalities, Isel Mingon–the flamboyantly happy Bubble salesman–and Mr. Gum, a cold, conniving businessman.  (You’ll notice in this scene that Jayse still holds some resentment toward him for what Mr. Gum did to Michelle and Jayse in An Eclipsing Autumn.)  And there’s also a serious-as-hell personality that you see here.

He and Dreana actually know what’s going on behind the scenes, but they’re keeping quiet for Michelle and Jayse so they won’t know how bad things really are.

Kyle was an absolute joy to work with on this scene 😀 I love his energy and interpretation of the lines.

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Frozen North Podcast

I jumped in and joined JJ, Marc, and Shana on the Frozen North gaming podcast 😀 They discuss their video game “book club,” Final Fantasy IX, what it means to “complete” a video game, and I jump in at 39:40 to discuss The Starriest Summer and its video game influences!

As you’ll hear in the podcast, Shana and I have known each other since sixth grade.  That’s before I even started to write The Cycle of the Six Moons, ahahaha.

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An Eclipsing Autumn Trailer Reveal!

Well, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll see that I’ve already posted the trailers individually X’D


But anyway!  YA Bound Book Tours is hosting the trailer reveal for blogs!  Check out that page here!

I also have them on a handy page here!


Here they are all together:

Saei and Cyal, Reincarnated – Blog Post

The Wolf’s Den – Blog Post

Blood Trophy – Blog Post

Champions Reunite – Blog Post

A Royal Plan – Blog Post

Or if you want to watch all the trailers in one handy-dandy playlist :3

Yay 🙂

An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – A Royal Plan

The fifth and final audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With Rena Cook as Queen Trissa, David J.G. Doyle as King Oresonn, and John Archer as Gediyon.


Gahhh, this scene is so good.  I love the tension between Trissa, Oresonn, and Michelle, and there’s still some mystery on both of their parts, and it’s just the beginning of a really epic climax!  Eee!!

Anyway, during auditions, I was concerned that I might not find a voice that was mature and regal enough for Trissa.  She’s the last female of the Arriscylean bloodline, the true mother of Arriscyal–having given birth to the reincarnation of their first king.  I wanted someone with warmth, wisdom, and majesty to her voice.  Rena finally submitted an audition, and I kept listening to it because her voice is just so amazing *_*

When it came to directing her, we had a Skype call complete with webcams, and it was awesome!  She showed me around her studio.  She had her own sound engineer.  It was great 😀  I’m glad she found my modest little project.

I scouted Dave for the role of King Oresonn.  Like with Edwyn and Saechin Kan Se, I sent him private auditions, and he nailed it.  There’s actually a lot more I want to say about his performance, but I can’t without giving too much away, so I suppose I’ll wait until An Eclipsing Autumn has been out for a while before I go on that.  I’ll say this though:  I love the bass in his voice, and there was one delivery of his last lines that had me cackling with delight.  For soon-to-be-revealed reasons 😉

Then there’s Gediyon, and he’s happy, sort of on a date with Dreana, completely innocent and oblivious to what had happened with Michelle and the king and queen.  Uh.  I guess there’s not much to say about John’s performance here 😛  Yay Gediyon ❤

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed all of these teasers! 😀  You can find all of them–including The Starriest Summer’s–here at this link!

Check out their links in the video description! 😀

An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – Champions Reunite

The fourth audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With Steven Kelly as Jayse and John Archer as Gediyon.


This miiight be my favorite teaser out of all of them X’D Maybe because Gediyon has a bigger role in it, and, like, he’s my favorite character and John’s voice is super hot here *cough*

But also, I love the music, because I feel like it sets the atmosphere, and the whole scene is mysterious and, what is with Gediyon?!  Actually, I pretty much like this whole chapter. Something happens at the end of it, and a ship sets sail :’D…uh, literally.  And figuratively.  Ahem.

Anyway, enough gushing.

As usual, Steven and John were a blast to work with.  I asked Steven to go back into an English accent for this one, since that’s his natural Arriscylean accent, and it’s what he speaks when he’s most comfortable.  And he’s comfortable around Michelle and Gediyon, so duh.  I love the part where he’s explaining to Michelle the girl from Gediyon’s past, giving these general descriptors like they’re the most important thing in the world, and Michelle’s just like, “Uh.  BIG DEAL?!”

In this scene, Gediyon’s pretty sleep deprived.  He hasn’t slept for at least three days because of the Third Moon, and he’s survived something like three hundred other contestants in the tournament, so he’s pretty exhausted.  I was trying to schedule a recording session with John when he admitted he hadn’t been sleeping very well, so, heck, let’s do it.  Method acting.

Asking him to do Gediyon’s last lines in an American accent was a last-minute directorial decision.  Given where the lines he says are actually from, I thought it would be more appropriate to use a different accent, much like Jayse uses a different accent when he’s trying to appear more common in front of people he’s not familiar with.  So, his accent switch is deliberate.  As the writer and director, I think it’s cool, and I hope listeners won’t just be like, “What happened to his accent?”

Just one more teaser trailer left 😀

Check out their links in the video description! ❤

An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – Blood Trophy

The third audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With Kyle Land as Mr. Gum, Elissa Park as Dreana, John Archer as Gediyon, and Steven Kelly as Jayse.


I chose this scene ’cause I really wanted to do the part where Gediyon and Dreana “officially” meet 😉

I held auditions for Mr. Gum, and Kyle–who was the first to audition–was the one who nailed it.  So, BAM!  Role goes to him 😀  Since Mr. Gum only has one line in the book two promos (he’ll have more in book three’s promos), I asked Kyle to go ahead and just do the lines on his own without my directing.  Actually, his third take was hilarious, but I felt it would be out of place if I included it because it was so over-the-top.

The other characters were already cast from book one’s promos.  Fun times directing Elissa to act ridiculously seductive, John to act all sheepish with a few jokingly seductive takes himself, and Steven with just…two…very…small lines :’D

I also chose this scene because I thought Michelle’s reactions to Dreana hitting on Gediyon while they’re supposed to be in the final round of the tournament was hilarious.  Michelle pretty much thinks Gediyon is a saint, and she thinks Dre is a slut, put ’em together, and Michelle gets overprotective like, “STAAAHHP.”  Even Elissa was like, “Wow, girl, calm down.”

There was a fun bit when I was directing John to sound cut-off when he says “Lady Dre–” and I was laughing so hard that I just SCREAMED once he started the line, so we could get a proper cut-off kinda sound 😀 Fun times.

Check out their links in the video description! 😛

An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – The Wolf’s Den

The second audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With River Kanoff as Wolf, and Steven Kelly as Jayse.


I chose this scene because it’s pretty much the first time it shows Wolf as part of the party 😉  Wolf’s a great guy.  While Gediyon is more of a role-model older brother figure, Wolf is more of a bad influence kind of older brother.  Also, I really wanted to get River to say, “Wink, wink.”  For…my own amusement 😛

When I was choosing scenes, I had actually used a longer segment from this part, where Michelle and Jayse settle down and talk for a bit before falling asleep, but they discuss some things that wouldn’t really be understood by anyone who hadn’t read the chapters before, so I decided to take that out.

Jayse is wearing some hideous clothes here because of what had happened prior 😀  I asked Steven to put on an American accent again, since he’s in Wolf’s presence, doesn’t know the guy, and doesn’t want to make him feel inferior by speaking like an Arriscylean (and by that, I mean with an English accent).  I explained a little more about the accents in this post.

Check out their links in the video description! 😉

An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – Saei and Cyal, Reincarnated

The first audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With Edwyn Tiong as Saechin Kan Se, and Steven Kelly as Jayse.


The chapters before this scene were traveling and reuniting with old friends, so I chose this scene because it’s the first one that touches on true plot.

I scouted Edwyn for Saechin Kan Se.  He commented on something of mine, and I excitedly reacted, “Can you do a Chinese accent?!” and he said, “I can be Chinese.”  Once I had all of the audition information set up for book two, I contacted Edwyn exclusively for the role, and he nailed it.  Actually, he gave me two versions:  one which was a bit higher and more cartoonish, and the one that you hear in this video.

I suggested that Steven do this one last out of all of the teasers, since Jayse speaks the most in this video than the others.  Doesn’t he sound all princely and cool? :3

Check out their links in the video description! 😀