An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – The Wolf’s Den

The second audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With River Kanoff as Wolf, and Steven Kelly as Jayse.

I chose this scene because it’s pretty much the first time it shows Wolf as part of the party 😉  Wolf’s a great guy.  While Gediyon is more of a role-model older brother figure, Wolf is more of a bad influence kind of older brother.  Also, I really wanted to get River to say, “Wink, wink.”  For…my own amusement 😛

When I was choosing scenes, I had actually used a longer segment from this part, where Michelle and Jayse settle down and talk for a bit before falling asleep, but they discuss some things that wouldn’t really be understood by anyone who hadn’t read the chapters before, so I decided to take that out.

Jayse is wearing some hideous clothes here because of what had happened prior 😀  I asked Steven to put on an American accent again, since he’s in Wolf’s presence, doesn’t know the guy, and doesn’t want to make him feel inferior by speaking like an Arriscylean (and by that, I mean with an English accent).  I explained a little more about the accents in this post.

Check out their links in the video description! 😉

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