An Eclipsing Autumn Teaser – Saei and Cyal, Reincarnated

The first audio promotional teaser for The Cycle of the Six Moons:  An Eclipsing Autumn!  With Edwyn Tiong as Saechin Kan Se, and Steven Kelly as Jayse.

The chapters before this scene were traveling and reuniting with old friends, so I chose this scene because it’s the first one that touches on true plot.

I scouted Edwyn for Saechin Kan Se.  He commented on something of mine, and I excitedly reacted, “Can you do a Chinese accent?!” and he said, “I can be Chinese.”  Once I had all of the audition information set up for book two, I contacted Edwyn exclusively for the role, and he nailed it.  Actually, he gave me two versions:  one which was a bit higher and more cartoonish, and the one that you hear in this video.

I suggested that Steven do this one last out of all of the teasers, since Jayse speaks the most in this video than the others.  Doesn’t he sound all princely and cool? :3

Check out their links in the video description! 😀

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